Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Lessons learned from building a drive in movie theater!

After nearly two years of research, planning, funding and construction....we did it!  We learned a ton of lessons, worked out a ton of bugs and have a list a mile long of what not to do when building a drive in theater!

I supposed the coolest part of it all...our customers have no clue. The thousands of little ones we were able to see this summer, had an absolute blast and made memories that will hopefully last their entire lives.

We are moving onto the next stage....more locations. We currently have over 200 requests for franchise information and feel the most logical way to progress is to prove that a Danny Boy's Drive In will work in other places.

We are looking for like minded entrepreneurs to partner with us and open a Danny Boy's in their community to serve as proving grounds for the operational model we have developed. We currently have one open in Michigan and requests for information from every state in the US and multiple countries over-seas.

Those that choose to partner with our team will not only have the opportunity to skip over all of the planning and speed bumps we ran into but will also have the opportunity to be part of the foundation of something we believe to be truly great.

Once we have a few more operations up and running, we can then begin the next stage of the process, franchising. Our goal/dream is to have a Danny Boy's Drive In within 40 miles of everyone in the US and hope you will help us get there!

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  1. I live in columbus, Ohio and my dream is to start back up the drive in experience, what is the steps I must take and projected cost in starting up

  2. My email address is

  3. I live in central Michigan in a town where people say I wish the Meredith Drive-In was open again

  4. so many memories at the drive in theater! One of these day I will open one don't care if only one car shows up for the show!

  5. How long does it take to build a drive-in movie theater?